About Us

VirtualTrack is the only club of its kind that is designed to train athlete onsite or remotely. Virtual Track endeavors to use the latest available technology to train and engage track and field athletes. We specialize in training sprinters, and have produced youth athletes that have performed extremely well in inter-school, state and provincial events.

One of our unique training programs is mental, coordination, agility and balance (MCAB). This is designed for 12-year old athletes and under. It emphasizes motor skill and mental development. In order to lay the foundation for future athletic excellence, we have designed and developed a unique set of drills which focuses on the four areas of the young athlete’s early development, namely: mental, coordination, agility and balance (MCAB).

Because of our remote training program, VirtualTrack can train English speaking athlete from any location on earth. Our unique program provides the opportunity to train athletes who cannot afford to pay club fees, or athletes who live in areas where a track club is not located.

VirtualTrack is a non-profit organization. VirtualTrack reserves the rights to reject any application that does not reflect the goals of the organization. We also reserve the right to cease training any athlete who does not subscribe to our goals and ethical standards.

VirtualTrack’s team of volunteers comprise of dedicated individuals who are trained or certified track and field coaches. For more information please contact us at info@virtaultrack.org